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Limbo: Food for the Future

Research, Installation, Public

Seedbanks public Installation
Mexico City, Mexico 

Best Environmental Action in the City of Mexico. Premios Ciudad 2019


LIMBO is a public installation in Mexico City that seeks to raise awareness amongst the population about the global food shortage whilst helping reconnect with the idea of protecting our own food and giving immediate support to communities in crisis. We promote urban conservation of open-pollinated seeds through the distribution of terra-cotta modular seed containers and an online network of keepers in the city. In other words, we operate the database of an urban seed bank, spread around city households. We truly believe having a disperse network of keepers could be a safer option for preserving different heirloom seed varieties in the city thus making a less vulnerable urban seed bank. The installation has been actively travelling across different public spaces in Mexico City since 2015, encouraging people to reconnect with the importance of seeds for our modern world, whilst consolidating the community of keepers. Our dream is that urban population embraces seed conservation in their daily lives just as it used to be in the beginning of our civilization.