Adriana David is an architect with honors from the Universidad Iberoamericana, she holds a master's degree from Harvard University GSD in the Art Design and the Public Domain program, as well as in Scenic Design from IED Madrid.

Her work lies at the intersection of architecture and the natural world. Her research focuses particularly on Food Sovereignty as a mechanism to restore the broken bond between human beings and nature. She is continuously exploring multidisciplinary approaches to engage with environmental health through public space. Her recent projects include LIMBO urban seedbanks, a choreography for a more-than human world, a performance dinner on the impact of today’s impact of agribusiness on food and a set of tools to achieve Harvard’s Food Sovereignty for the future.

She is the founder of DOMA, a spatial design studio based in Mexico City working at the intersection between architecture, ecology and public space. Her practice varies considerably in scale. She has collaborated with the Papalote Children’s Museum, the Mexican Housing Commission, the Ministry of Agrarian, Land, and Urban Development and the Ministry of Culture as Architecture jury member on several occasions.

Adriana is the recipient of different grants such as FONCA for Young Creators 2013 and the Co investment Grant in 2016, both from the Mexico Ministry of Culture, to support LIMBO, and TEOCINTLE: Sustainable Food Festival in Mexico City. In 2020, she received the Harvard Mellon Urban Initiative Grant and in 2019, LIMBO was awarded Best Environmental Action in the City by PREMIOS CIUDAD.  Her work has been exhibited at the GSD Kirkland Gallery, Tamayo Museum of Modern Art, San Ildefonso Museum, MEXTRÓPOLI and Design Week festivals, among others.


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