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Casa T

Area: 240 m2
Team: Adriana David, César Ávila, Alejandra Palacios, Eduardo Morán
Mexico City, Mexico


In Casa T, watching your children grow up is one of the most precious times. The architecture itself becomes an empty stage, ready to receive the incredible adventures of growing children. Giving yourself the time and space to appreciate every moment of the day with them is priceless. The T house seeks to give value to every nook and cranny of the space to enjoy every second with the most beloved ones. It is a light and permeable house, which allows natural light to enter from all possible directions. Thus, every moment of the day is an absolute enjoyment that mixes family, activity, and the light of that specific moment. The permeability of the architecture allows us to be together, but independently, without getting in each other's way. The spaces are wide, without many walls, and each space has an internal connection with the others and a private space to the outside. This way the family can enjoy each other without being crowded. It is an honest and functional house, with natural materials and white canvases that emphasize the activities of life, without any ornament.