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Día de la Semilla 

Research, Installation, Public, Event

Seed Day in  Mexico City
Hosted by El Laboratorio de Tecnologías El Rule 
location: Atrio San Francisco

LIMBO team: Adriana David, Maria Emilia Escobedo, Xanic Galván

Best Environmental Action in the City of Mexico. Premios Ciudad 2019

LIMBO is an itinerant seed bank in Mexico City. Through an urban platform, it seeks to raise awareness in the population of the food crisis we are experiencing and reconnect it with the idea of protecting our own food by creating a Network of Seed Guardians.

We conserve seeds in some clay containers installed in the public space and we invite people interested in taking a seedbed home to protect it and reproduce the seeds; in this way, the seed bank is distributed throughout the city, making it less vulnerable to current crises.

LIMBO's mission is to consolidate a Community Network of Seed Guardians who have the capacity to be self-sufficient in the City.

Our dream is that the conservation and reproduction of open-pollinated seeds becomes a simple and familiar act of our daily life in the City, and thus, we get closer every day to a Mexican food sovereignty.

On April 27, 2019, on the occasion of International Earth Day, LIMBO, in collaboration with the Laboratorio de Tecnologías El Rule Cultural Center, was held on Seed Day.

During this day, various free-entry activities were held in the San Francisco Atrium of the Historic Center on the importance of the preservation of open pollinated seeds in the City.

Through the LIMBO facility, we develop 8 experiences throughout the day with the aim of reconnecting the inhabitants of the City with the idea of conserving our own seed that feeds us.

A plant and seed identification workshop was held where attendees reconnected with our nature through ethno-botanical drawing. Likewise, throughout the day we installed a botanical and seed library open to the public for consultation; new Guardians were registered on the Net, a Cine-Debate session was presented with the film SEEDS: THE UNTOLD STORY, an exchange of Creole seeds, to end with the exhibition of the LIMBO installation: food for the future.

In the installation there will be a plant in the place of the seedbed, which represents the commitment of someone conserving seed in the city.

Thus, the Seed Garden is transformed into a green space as the number of Guardians on the Web grows.